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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. Please contact the Viking Card Office at vcard.office@csuohio.edu for any additional questions.

Is there a charge for the Viking Card?

Anyone getting their first Viking Card will not be charged. Charges may be apply for replacement cards.

How long will it take once my Viking Card Online Application is submitted?

Once your photo is submitted and approved, please allow up to three business days for your Viking Card to be available.

  • For incoming first-time students – the process for you to get your Viking Card will be communicated during your orientation.
  • For all other first time Viking Card holders (student, faculty and staff) you will schedule a pick up time after your photo is approved.

What is the largest file size I can upload?


What photo file types do you accept?

JPEG and HEIC types.

What happens if the photo I supply does not meet the requirements specified by Viking Card?

Your application will be delayed. You will receive an email indicating the reason why the photo is not acceptable and will have to either re-upload another picture or visit the office to have your Viking Card manually produced.

How do I get a replacement card?

In order to receive a replacement Viking Card ID:

  • If for a damaged card, please visit the Viking Card Office, turn in the damaged card and a replacement will be issued at no charge.
  • If for a lost or stolen card, visit the Viking Card Office. A replacement fee may be charged and you will need to show a current valid governmentally issued photo ID to be issued a replacement Viking Card. Complete information for hours of in person service and card services can be found at csuohio.edu/vikingcard.